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The State of Belair-Edison: Voices of the Community, Assets and Issues Report Voices of Community Report

Four hundred fifty nine residents and community stakeholders completed a needs-assessment survey for the Belair-Edison community. Forty eight community leaders gathered to discuss the results of the survey and make recommendations for future programming. The State of Belair-Edison: Voices of the Community, Assets and Issues Report details the project and its results.

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Agents of Change: Belair-Edison Healthy Community Coalition 2006 Annual Report
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Journey through the Coalition's accomplishments in 2006 in its annual report to community stakeholders.

Note: The reports are in pdf file format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to download.

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What is the Coalition?

The Belair-Edison Healthy Community Coalition is a non-profit partnership of community stakeholders functioning as a catalyst for positive change in the quality of lives of families and individuals who live, work and visit the Belair-Edison community.

What is the Coalition's mission?

It is our mission to develop innovative strategies through community planning, program development, advocacy, and public education, that will encourage and support effective, cohesive partnerships, and advance a neighborhood renaissance to mobilize the existing expertise and services in and around the Belair-Edison community.

What are the Coalition's program areas?

Since its inception in 2003, the Coalition has worked to support resident-led initiatives. In strategically planning beneficial community development programs, the Coalition spearheaded "The State of Belair-Edison: Voices of the Community" - a formal assessment of the community's needs. Over 450 residents responded to surveys distributed throughout the community and online.

Youth Initiatives Youth Outreach:

About three out of five (56%) survey respondents would like to see academic programs for Belair- Edison youth. The Belair-Edison Youth Collaborative is the Coalition’s initiative to organize, enhance and maximize the effectiveness of community-based, youth-service providers. Today, youth are able to participate in onsite youth- leadership programs, after school technology-based programs, and mentoring, recreational and culturally-based programs. Please visit the programs page for detailed information.

Senior Outreach Seniors:

About one-third (35%) of the survey respondents want programs for seniors. The senior population in Belair-Edison has garnered invaluable support from the Oliver Senior Center on Belair Road (Gay Street). In 2007, the Coalition plans to implement CyberSeniors - a national computer literacy/socialization program specifically designed for seniors.

Workforce Development:

While one-third (34%) of the respondents surveyed indicated "lack of employment" as a community concern, about one-fourth (26%) of survey respondents want help with finding a job. The Coalition has launched a technology-based, workforce development program to prepare residents for the jobs being created in Baltimore's booming bio-technology industry. Additionally, about half (51%) of those surveyed want computer training.

Workforce development
Community Relations & Resident Leadership:

Historically, Belair-Edison has been a premier neighborhood for community socialization events. When Belair-Edison residents were asked to check all the things they like about Belair-Edison, nice neighbors ranked number one with 41% of survey respondents indicating such. In 2006, the Coalition coordinated "Praise in the Park, a celebration that highlighted the community's faith-based partners and promoted community relations.

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